Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis

Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis

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Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis

Formulation of leeches in a particular point of the body -procedure in general, is Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis difficult. Still put leeches should only doctor who determines the number of leeches to his patient and place their setting depending on the overall condition of the patient and the severity of the disease process. When a particular disease for girudoterapii there are well-defined locations points for the formulation of leeches.

We tell you about the main staging ground leeches Content Formulation of leeches in a particular point of the body -procedure in general, is not difficult. And all these doctors know the point, because it affects the success of the treatment, Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis. You can not put leeches on your face, on-site with a thick skin and a place where an artery and a vein come close to the surface of the skin eg, visible veins, carotid artery.

Where possible and necessary to put a leech? The answer in some cases is very simple,and in others it is a real brain teaser, Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis. For example, when thrombophlebitis leeches are usually placed at the edges of thrombosed vein 1cm from it but not on it! In inflammatory processes - on inflamed skin or the area around it, Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis.

When sinusitis - above the eyebrows and on the lateral surface of the nose, and armchairs - along the spine. If the joints are concerned, leeches are placed on the skin around them.

Get rid of the emerging felon on the arm or leg can be, putting a leech directly on the sore spot. It is more difficult to decide where to put the leeches,for example, migraine. It turns out not to temples as you might think, but on the mastoid bone of the skull. These processes Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis easily felt as a bulge, if you hold your fingers behind your ears.

In disorders of leeches put on the backof the neck along the spine, and to improve the blood supply to the Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis - in the mandible angle, Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis. On the coccyx put leeches in the fight against inflammation of the uterus and urinary bladder. To eliminate the effects of myocardial leeches put on the heart area to the left in the third, fourth and fifth intercostal spaces.

With stagnant diseases in Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis lungs and nosebleeds fighting, putting leeches around the anus. Indeed, the blood from the nose, and it is necessary to remove his pants.

However, remember already Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis worldwide acupuncture technique acupuncture. To correct a variety of conditions experienced doctor acts on specific points on the body of the patient, the location of which he does not say anything to the nonspecialist. Approximately the same situation with leeches.

From the above it is clear that Chirurgie Krampf Preis zu behandeln Session hirudotherapyshould carry out a professional doctor.

Self here, as in any other field of medicine, is unacceptable! Of course, more detailed scheme productions leeches and schedule treatments can be gleaned from the literature, Course girudoterapii Thrombophlebitis, however, the full impact on their self-application will lie only to you. Buteyko method Nontraditional methods of treatment October 15, Leave a reply Cancel reply.

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Phlebitis - Essential One Minute Briefing

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